Books by Fred Anderson

Dave Stewart isn’t sure what to make of the door he just discovered embedded in the concrete floor of his workshop. All he knows is that it wasn’t there a few minutes ago when his wife called him in for dinner.

It looks perfectly normal, like any door in any house except for its unusual location, but it’s not the door that has Dave so concerned. It’s the voice speaking to him from the other side, asking him to open it.

The voice that sounds so much like his own.


Approximately 19,000 words, or a little more than one hour’s reading for the average person.


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Perched on the plateau at the top of a hill named for the hickory trees dotting its slopes, the abandoned house broods over the tiny Alabama town called Belleville like a rattler guarding a clutch of eggs. The townspeople below rarely think about the house anymore, but at night they may visit it in their dreams, black visions filled with screams and blood and almost-seen faces leering out of the darkness at them. The lines of the house have skewed over the decades, and its supports grown weak. Where it once stood straight and true it has sagged and bowed. But still it remains, ageless and timeless, watching.

And sometimes, it feeds.


Approximate word count: 108,000.
Contains mature subject matter, adult language, and graphic depictions of violence.


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When the laws of reality are torn, you do or die.

An accident two days before his sixteenth birthday put Dan Mackenzie in a wheelchair, but he hasn’t let that slow him down. He’s made a good life for himself in the Florida panhandle since then, working as a computer geek and playing basketball with his buddies on the weekends. A normal life.

During a pickup game one September morning he meets a pretty woman with eyes as green as the Gulf of Mexico and finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. What he doesn’t know is that someone wants her dead. Very dead.

When a lunatic tries to kill her, Dan’s effort to save her profoundly changes his life, and he discovers that his notion of “normal” is nothing like he thought. Now the two have become separated, and he is fast learning that people are not at all what they seem. There are powers at work he never dreamed existed.

And they want him dead, too.


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Poker player Matt Freeman knows life is a gamble, so when an oncologist offers an experimental gene therapy as a possible cure for the terminal cancer killing his eleven-year-old son Andrew, he takes a chance. The treatment works, and Matt feels like he’s beaten the house. His elation is short-lived, however, because Andrew is soon killed in a freak accident.

Nearly a year later, he is still struggling with his loss when a midnight phone call begins with a single electrifying word: “Daddy?”

He races into the Nevada desert to find Andrew not only alive, but in possession of an incredible new ability and on the run from those he calls “bad people.” Now Matt must protect his son from enemies with seemingly endless resources—and the willingness to turn Las Vegas into a battle zone.


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Six months ago, John Burleson woke from a nightmare, about a quiet little cove off the Tennessee River and the terrible event he witnessed there as a boy. Now the dream is coming almost every night, always the same, robbing him of his sleep and sanity. John’s only hope lies in revisiting the past — and coming to grips with what happened all those years ago.


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Kyle Maddox woke up this morning with an amazing new ability. There’s just one problem: his stepfather wants to use Kyle’s gift for his own benefit.

Now Kyle has to make a decision that will change both their lives forever.


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