The Witch

She’s out there.
She has the children.
And she won’t stop until they’re dead.

When tragedy strikes during a visit with their grandmother, Ryan Campbell and his sister Emily find themselves preparing for a trip to the hospital with their mother Lisa instead of returning home. Desperate to avoid reliving the traumatic memories of his father’s death, Ryan begs for a way out.

Fortunately, Grandma Wendy’s best friend Dot offers to keep the siblings for the afternoon, and despite her misgivings Lisa agrees to let the old woman take them. But as all three Campbells soon discover, Dot isn’t the sweet lady she appears to be. She’s bent on revenge for her own traumatic memories—and has all the powers of hell at her command to get it.

Available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, in paperback, and as audiobook at Amazon.

Author’s note: The Witch is a novel for adults, and contains brutality, bloody violence, death, explicit language, sexual innuendo, children in peril,and terror.

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